Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Starting a new Blog for "Geek" writings...

So, I just installed Windows Live Writer. I'm going to do my best to keep up my "geek blog".  We'll see how it works out.

A little about me: I'm a senior software engineer at www.glgroup.com. Gerson Lehrman Group provides expert advice for just about everything. Kinda like a Linked In "premium".

I've been coding since I was about 12 years old (that was some 20 years ago now); in 20 years - I promise, I've made apps much worse than anything you'll hear me rant and rave about on my blog.

Interests? As the title of my blog says, I'm really into the Agile Software Methodologies and Test Driven Development. About TDD, I see it as an ends to means. One of my pet peeves is the people who say "but it takes longer"... Comments like that definitely come from someone who hasn't tried debugging code through some aspx page that relies on login cookies, db dependencies, etc... Sheesh.. Anyway, I digress...

Tools I use? VS2008 (uh, duh), Nunit for testing, Rhino Mocks for mocking (Ayedeen, you rock, my man, thanks for DoNotExpect!).  I've recently been playing with NHibernate, and I'm a BIG fan! Wow, I was a big LINQ to SQL fan when it came out, but POCO baby POCO! MS Entity Framework?? I'll pass... Played a little with it, was appalled.

Patterns? I'm an MVP / Observer Pattern guy... I've played with MS MVC framework, and I'm mildly impressed. I just much prefer the Passive View pattern, if someone figures out marrying up MS MVC framework and gives me the MVP pattern too... I'm sold. WebForms are a travesty of all that is sacred to software development, but some "thing" that carries around "stuff" just smells bad to me (ViewData). I might be speaking out of turn here, and not understand MVC well enough, I really haven't played with it that much, someone set me straight

Anyway, I'll quit rambling for now... Bring on the subscribers!


Oh yeah, So far Windows Live Writer gets an A+!

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