Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Re-Writing Wife's Website

My wife and I own a Dance Studio. I wrote a website for her some 4 years ago, and have since given it 1 re-write. I think it's high time for another.

So, I was having a talk with Matt (dude, get a blog or something!), about namespace organization at Work. While I don't like "assembly explosion" (just made that up.. a quick google search tells me that I should copyright it). I do think that my Model belongs in it's own assembly that has absolutely no 3rd party references. I personally don't think namespace segregation will do the trick.

Here's what I'm thinking, listed in order of dependency


Pretty clear what's here, right. DomainModel is more letters, so I didn't use it. But it'll just contain all my Entities. Matt wrote a great paper (kinda like a cliff notes for object types based on DDD). Gunna try to follow those patterns here. Everything will be POCO, value types as often as possible, yada, yada. No 3rd party refs here at all.


Core? Business? Not sure. I think service level stuff and persistence should go here. Since Service level stuff will need to understand persistence, it should sit down here. It'll ref Model and anything I use for Persistance (NHibernate). 


Presentation stuff here. Sticking with MVP. WILL NOT ref System.Web. 


No APP_CODE for me... This will contain anything that a responsible developer might put in APP_CODE. I'm thinkin' I'll even put the webservices here... Am I being silly? Might be actually, this is one where Matt and I differ, and I'm wondering if he's right.

Second Thoughts...

Could Core and Presentation be combined??? I don't think so, but it's worth considering.

Anyway, time for Christmas party. Done blogging for now.

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